Top UP (online studies) in London with reduced tuition fees -
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Top UP (online studies) in London with reduced tuition fees

Distance learning (hybrid study) changes the traditional concept of education. Are you an AP graduate from Denmark, seeking opportunity to finish your Top up? Do you understand that being physically present in the classroom is not the only way to learn? Hybrid distance learning means you are connected online in real time with classmates and professors in class (in London or Switzerland) – you can stay in Denmark and study online.

We are entering a revolution in education, precisely through distance learning. Today, you have access to quality education (graduated with a university degree) whenever and wherever you want. More than 40% of university students in the EU already complete at least one online course today!


Distance learning allows you to study or teach from anywhere in the world. You are joining in real time to teach (hybrid form) in London or Switzerland. There is no need to go from one place to another or follow a fixed schedule. A virtual classroom is available wherever there is an internet connection. Save not only time but also money (tuition / accommodation) that you can spend on other priorities.

Form of teaching

As part of distance learning at the Swiss Business School or XCL, they minimized the so-called asynchronous learning. Forget the pre-recorded boring video lesson lessons, where students have little chance of getting involved during the lesson. You take live lessons, live seminars and real group work on projects with students – all in real time with classmates from around the world. Each lesson is recorded and the next day you can replay it (along with subtitles) in the ultra-modern student portal interface (Kaltura platform – also used by Harvard University). During the year, assignments and projects await you, the evaluation is continuous and throughout the year (without year-round exams and unnecessary stress).

Minimal costs compared to full-time study

Distance learning is a great way to get an official accredited diploma or degree without having to physically enter the university campus. Unlike traditional education on university premises, online education is incomparably more affordable:

Daily studies in UK Distance learning in UK
Annual tuition in the UK for EU students (full-time – Bachelor): 9250 -13,000 £ Current annual school distance learning in the UK (EU): £ 6-7,000
Annual accommodation in the UK: £ 8,000 Annual tuition at XCL London only through Scandi: Bachelor £ 2,950, Master £ 3650
Meals, transport, leisure: £ 5,000
Total annually approx .: £ 26,000
Daily studies in SWISS Distance learning in SWISS
Annual tuition fee at SUI for EU students (full-time bachelor): € 11,000 Alpine Diploma in Hotel Management 2500€ /year
Annual accommodation in SUI: 9,000 € BA(Hons) International Hospitality & Tourism Management 3500€/year
Meals, transport, leisure: 8,000 € MSc International Hospitality & Tourism Management 3900/year
Total annually approx .: € 28,000


Online classes tend to be smaller than conventional class sizes. This allows for more interaction and feedback between you and the teacher. As part of the distance learning, you will have access to a variety of study material: lectures, eBooks, online library, PPT, video archive, webinars, etc. You will set your own pace of study suitable for the individual requirements and skill level of each student.

Xenophone College London (University of Chichester)

School website: XCL:

Xenophone College London is an accredited partner institution of Chichester University (top 20 in the UK). XCL offers a UK, flexible and affordable, international education for students who are interested in acquiring skills and knowledge that can be used in the modern world and who also understand the opportunities that the world of technology brings.

University of Chichester

School website:

The University of Chichester was founded in 1839 and according to the Guardian University Guide in 2022 it was ranked among the top 20 universities in the United Kingdom.

  • Top 25 best business schools in Britain
  • Top 10 Best Universities in Psychology
  • 1st place in research in Britain
Bachelor: Master:
BA (Hons) Psychology (with integrated Foundation Year) MA Psychology
BA/BSc (Hons) International Political Economy MSc Applied Computer Science (conversion)
BSc (Hons) Applied Computer Science MSc Big Data and Technologies for Managers
BSc (Hons) Global Management & International Business MSc Digital Learning
MSc Global Management & Innovation
MSc Green Economy, Sustainability and Climate Change Management
MSc International Political Economy
Digital MBA

The Swiss Business School for Hotel & Tourism Management Education (ALPINE CENTER SWITZERLAND)

School website:

Since 1987, the Alpine Center has provided top-quality, high-quality education in the field of hospitality and tourism management. Alpine has established itself as the leading educational institution in a segment with an admirable employability of almost 99%!

At the Alpine Center, the programs are designed to meet students’ professional goals (teaching, internships) while meeting the changing needs of global industry within Hospitality. The union portfolio includes e.g. Hotel Management, Travel & Tourism Management, Culinary Arts Management, Events & Conventions Management, Food & Beverage Management, Spa Management, Hospitality & Cruise Management at diploma, bachelor and postgraduate levels.

Bachelor: Master:
Swiss Alpine Diploma in Hotel Management (2 years) MSc International Hospitality & Tourism Management (2 years)
BA (Hons) International Hospitality & Tourism Management (3 years)


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