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Distance learning – 3rd year of Bachelors degree

Does it make sense for you to graduate from a school in Britain or Italy, save 70% on tuition fees, have zero costs for accommodation and living? Do you want to devote yourself to work or travel in addition to school and to complete a bachelor’s or master’s degree? Hybrid distance learning is the option just for you!

Today, you communicate with friends and family more online than in physical space. We also handle clothes, food, shopping, transportation virtually. And our exclusive partner universities XCL London, IAN Naples and have also joined the wave of digitization.

Distance learning changes the traditional concept of education – you are online in real time with your classmates and professors and actively participate in the lecture.


For students looking for flexibility in education and who understand that the concept of education: „being at a specific time and in one place“ belongs to the last century – XCL is the ideal option.

You can devote yourself to your responsibilities (work, travel) in addition to your studies, you can set your study plan and pace.

You will save up to £15,000 a year on tuition, accommodation and daily expenses in the UK (if you will be physically in the UK), or you’ll save over £3500 a year if you’re looking for any online course at a university in the EU!

Form of study

It is up to you whether you choose the entire study as hybrid/online, or take advantage of the opportunity to go to London or Naples for a semester or school year, or to the campus of the parent university in Rome.

  • online, you attend real live classes in London, or each lesson is posted online the next day with ENG subtitles
  • live interaction in classes with professors and classmates (ultra-modern Kaltura e-platform also used by Harvard University) in London + plus access to video archive, eBooks, presentations, etc.
    regular projects during the semester, group work, essays – no memorization
  • study completed with an accredited diploma from the UK or Italy

Field Bachelor (1 year) XCL

Fields Master (1 year) XCL

  • MA Psychology MSc Applied Computer Science (conversion)
    MSc Big Data and Technologies for Managers
    MSc Digital Learning
    MSc Global Management & Innovation
    MSc Green Economy, Sustainability and Climate Change Management
    MSc International Political Economy

Field Bachelor (1 year) IAN

The decision on admission is made within about 14 days from the submission of the application.

Tuition fees

Payment of tuition fees discounted form the officila school webpage is divided into 4 parts (only XCL 2.950 £ instead od 6.000£, IAN 3.150 €, instead od 6.000€ – discount for Ss students only).

  • 150 on application
  • 500 on acceptance of admission to the school
  • rest of the remaining amount by June 30

If you are ready, we can get started, for more info, contact roman@scandinavianstudy.com